• Martin Luther

    I created this for an artbypapercut challenge to do a historical figure.  I'm a fan of Martin Luther and the protestant reformation so I decided to recreate him as a Paladin.
  • Irish Samurai

    I created this image from a Katon Callaway workshop from cgsociety.  I still needs to finish her hair, but here she is textured.
  • Tohu – Titan Competition

    I created this for use in a competititon for Allegorithmic Substance.  The back story is pretty long, but essentially it is a creature among many who were brought forth from pure chaos. Software Used: Zbrush - Sculpt Modo - Modeling and UVs Substance Designer - Texturing 3D Coat - Retopo Toolbag - Render
  • Amber 3D Print

    I ran a 3D print for my wife this Christmas.  Here is the result