About Me

I’m currently a 3D Modeling and Rendering instructor at Richland College.  Currently I live in the DFW metroplex with my incredible family – my wife and 3 boys!  My wife loves Diablo 3 and we do a nightly run.  She recently found out I have a higher attack than her Barb and so she is busy trying to up her damage output.  My older boys love video games.  Right now they are stuck on Brothers – we are creating a web series called Brothers playing Brothers.  They also love minecraft which I keep trying to like.  And… they love a MOBA called Strife by S2.  We also have our youngest who is so fun to watch growing up.  I call him Sweety Meeters.  It’s so strange how baby’s can get grown men sound so dumb…

As far as the field of 3D I’m currently very interested in utilizing procedural tools – namely Substance Designer – to create faster and more efficient workflows.  I love sculpting in Zbrush and am very much looking forward to seeing what new features they have.  I’m also a Modo user and am enjoying the different tools for the tool pipe it offers.  Overall I like learning new technologies and implement them to make workflow better and faster.

Outside of 3D my wife and I love the NBA.  We’re still a little confused about what Marc Cuban is trying to do to the Mavs.  I coach my son’s soccer team though I don’t really know how to play.  I hate football.  My wife introduced me to Stargate SG1 and I’ve almost finished the series!  I also just got a new guitar which my youngest loves hearing me play.  Looking forward to what is in store for our future.